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RE: [xsl] A list of useful functions that aren't in the core of xsl.

From: "bryan" <bry@---------->
Date: 3/26/2003 4:58:00 AM
This is actually a problem I've had for a while, which is that a lot of
xml documents out there use escaped html at various nodes. 
This is a common community practice in various flavors of RSS, in
blogger xml files, and I just saw an example on Sam Ruby's weblog where
he was sending SOAP with RDF/XML in the soap:body and escaped html
nested in some other element. The way I have been handling this in RSS
is that I wrote an extension function using Tidy to strip out the html,
for msxml, with a fallback using regex if Tidy failed. I don't want to
have to write the same extension for Saxon, Xalan etc when I need to use

Does anyone have suggestions on how to handle this admittedly bad usage
but unfortunately too common problem? What about with xslt 2.0, can
anyone think of ways it helps solve this problem, other than the support
of regex? 

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