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Re: [xsl] namespace problems???

From: "SAL ROSALES Jr." <salrosales@----------->
Date: 11/12/2002 10:44:00 AM
Thank you very much for clarifying that. The problem
is, I'm using Microsoft's sharepoint in which this
particular file is involved, so I think I need to use
this namespace because they are using MSXML and my
managers will probably have a problem with the
download. Do you see any other way of getting around
this? If not, I'll just state my case.

Thanks again


--- Mike Brown <mike@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> SAL ROSALES Jr. wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I don't know if this is actually a names pace
> problem
> > but here it is. I have a few XSL files that set
> [...]
> >  xmlns:xsl=""
> Here you have said that elements, attributes and
> XPath function calls bearing
> the xsl: prefix in their names are in the
> namespace. When those things are associated with
> this URI, it means that they
> are XSLT 1.0 instructions and functions, which are
> what you should be using.
> >  xmlns:xsl=""
> Here you have said that the elements with the xsl:
> prefix are instructions
> from an obsolete pre-1.0 working draft (Dec 1998)
> that Microsoft decided to
> support in MSXML2 and has never given up on. There
> is no practical reason to
> use this except if you want your code to work within
> the version of MSXML that
> ships with IE5, and do not want to make people
> download MSXML3 via a simple
> ActiveX control.
> See for the MSXML FAQ
> which will explain further.
> This FAQ is also on the MSDN site, where you can
> seek answers to further 
> WD-xsl namespace questions.
> Look here for conformance charts for various MSXML
> versions:
> ...It will probably explain why you can't use param
> in the obsolete namespace.
>    - Mike
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