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Re: [xsl] Bi-Di Algorithm Control

From: "W. Eliot Kimber" <eliot@---------->
Date: 10/22/2002 9:09:00 AM
W. Eliot Kimber wrote:

Here is a typical example:

<fo:block-container writing-mode="rl-tb">

<fo:block >Arabic English1 English2<fo:leader 


Discovered two additional things:

1. Wrapping bidi-override around the whole index entry text solves the 
problem (this was Antenna House's response but I had misinterpreted the 
sample doc they sent and missed this solution at first.

2. It matters to AH whether or not the page number is literal text in 
the FO instance or a page-number-citation.

Here is an instance that produces the correct result using XSL Formatter:

  <fo:bidi-override unicode-bidi="embed" direction="rtl"
  >&#x639;&#x646;&#x62F;&#x645;&#x627; English1 1a English2</fo:bidi-override>
  <fo:leader leader-length="1em" leader-pattern="space"
  /><fo:page-number-citation ref-id="bcdfr234566"/>

I'm still interested to know if there's a control character that changes 
the writing direction.


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