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[xsl] doubts: xsl:import and variables

From: "ashwati s" <ashwatis@--------->
Date: 10/28/2002 10:53:00 PM

Can i give any xsl variable inside another xsl tag.

for eg
<xsl:import href="$somexslVariable"/>

where somexslVariable is an xsl variable whose value is obtained from  xml document

I am developing a project which is web based using XML-XSL with Java
Sometimes the client maybe using Netscape/IE4 which does not have capability for transforming the XML by thge browser. In this situation we do the transfomation at the web server level and the client recieves only HTML. However in this case when i do <xsl:import href="somexsl"/> , the xsl transformer at the server refers to the href from  the server's root directory in the file system. This means instead of this 
<xsl:import href="/somepath/somexsl.xsl"/>
I will have to give this
<xsl:import href="http://<servername>:<port>/webapplication/somepath/somexsl.xsl"/>.

Unfortunately I cannot hard code the servername and server port. I will have to bring the name and port dynamicaaly from  the xml document, or maybe there is inbuilt functionality in xsl to refer to the server name and port. But still the problem remains as to how to bring this vale into an xsl:import tag?

..Any suggestions?

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