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[xsl] Hierarchy problem

From: DPawson@-----------
Date: 7/19/2002 8:11:00 AM
With a structure such as

  <level1 id='l1'>
   <level2 id='l2'>
    <h2>Level2</h2>  <!-- bad navPoint 1 -->
    <level3 id='l3'> <!-- good navPoint 2 -->
     <note id="noteId">  <!-- navLabel target -->
      <p>Note content</p>


I need to check that the node with id=noteId
is (or is not) a direct descendant of another node (e.g. level2[id='l2'])
or if there are intervening levelX elements.

The DTD is roughly html like, with wrappers as shown at each level.

In the above case navLabel target is not a direct descendant of navPoint 2,
but is a direct descendent of navPoint 3.

All I actually have is

for the navLabel node,
<xsl:variable name= 'navLabelNodeID'
for the navPoint node,
<xsl:variable name='navPointNode'

both point into the same document, with the src attribute being a fragment
 I'm even unsure if the fragment identifier will actually retrieve the
but that's a seperate problem I think I can get round.

Any help appreciated.

TIA, DaveP

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