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RE: [xsl] imode entity problem for pictographic entities.. very annoying

From: Lea Allison <Lea.Allison@-------------->
Date: 7/25/2002 9:58:00 PM

if I use &#59087; dirctly I get an unknow entity error, or it replaces
"&#59087;" with "?". It supposed to be an pictographic icon of a mobile

Of course XSLT/XML recorgnises all the other 'regular' entity refs (&#120)
etc, but not these addional ones for the imode phones. Any ideas where I can
add some reference to the additional entities, or some way to let this exact
string "&#59087;" to the browser itself???



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> Hello
> I seem to have gotten stuck on my XSLT document.
> I am transforming an XML doc into an iHTML document for a mobile
> phone. The
> phones support character entity values such as &#50912; etc, but I cannot

Every XML based application does...

> get my XSLT doc to leave it alone. Actually I think its the transformation
> done by javax.xml.transform.Transformer class???
> I've tried:
> <!DOCTYPE stylesheet [
> <!ENTITY phone "<xsl:text
> disable-output-escaping='yes'>&#59087;</xsl:text>">
> ]>

That's wrong in the first place. Just use "&#59087;" whereever you need that

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