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[xsl] documenting element syntax

From: martin@--------
Date: 5/16/2002 1:39:00 AM
hi all,

i'm currently in the process of writing the specification for an xml-based
programming language using docbook, with the intent of producing both
printable (fo/pdf) and online (html) output.
however i've found no really good way to express the syntax/grammar of the
xml elements that make up an important part of the language. ebnf is not
well suited for the purpose and funcsynopsis obviously doesn't work at all.

before switching to docbook i played around with the w3c xmlspec format,
and came across something called ElementSyntax which perfectly captures
element syntax (the result can be seen in the xslt and xml schema
specifications, eg
though i couldn't find any documentation or even an html stylesheet - and
i wouldn't have a clue how to integrate it with an existing docbook

has anyone else done this sort of thing? advice would be much appreciated!



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