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[xsl] please, help with SQL transformer

From: Jer&oacute;nimo Molina <j.molina@--------->
Date: 4/9/2002 8:06:00 AM
Hi all  (sorry for my poor english):

	My name's Jeronimo Molina, and I'm neby with cocoon.
	I'm trying to work with SQL transformers, for generate an HTML page with
data stored in a ACCESS database on my machine (it's my first work with
cocoon, so I don't want to do this with ORACLE any other DB).

	I'm trying to do this at the next steps:

	1.- Configure the JDBC-ODBC driver at the web.xml file, by adding


		as shown bellow:

			<!-- For IBM WebSphere -->

			<!-- For Database Driver -->

			<!-- For JDBC:ODBC -->

	2.- Configure the connection ad the cocoon.xml file as shown bellow:

			<jdbc name="personas">

		Note that nombres is the name of the ODBC I've just created pointing to my
access database.

	3.- Configure the sitemap.xmap file to use my new connection. I've done
this modifying a line:

		<map:match pattern="sql/*">
			<map:generate src="docs/samples/sql/{1}.xml"/>
			<map:transform type="sql">
				<map:parameter name="use-connection" value="personas"/>
			<map:transform src="stylesheets/simple-sql2html.xsl"/>

	4.- I've also modified the sql-page.xml, putting the code

			select id,nombre from nombres

			(where nombres is the table name)

		in order of the query example provided in that file.

	BUT.... I don't get the data stored in my access database, and I don't know

	please, can anyone help me?

Thanks... Jeronimo.

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