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Re: [xsl] call-template and execute xsl command

From: Greg Faron <gfaron@------------------>
Date: 4/15/2002 10:14:00 AM
At 11:26 AM 4/15/2002, you wrote:
<xsl:template name= "attributes">


     <xsl:when test="@font-size">

      <xsl:attribute name="font-size"><xsl:value-of 


     <xsl:when test="@text-align">

      This text prints out if @text-align but the xsl:command is not executed

      <xsl:attribute name="text-align"><xsl:value-of 




called like this:
 <xsl:variable name='y'>
   <xsl:call-template name='attributes'/>

However, as you may see by my notes above, text prints out fine
subject to the condition, however I cannot change or add
attributes as required.

  According to one site, <>, 
the xsl:attribute element may be contained within a xsl:when element, so 
your stylesheet is technically valid.  But, I believe you're using a 
loophole in that it really must be used within a xsl:element 
element.  Here's a quote from the site:


Generates an attribute in the destination document. It should be used in 
the context of an element (either a literal, xsl:element or some other 
element that generates an element in the output). It must occur before any 
text or element content is generated.

  As a minimum-effort suggestion, I recommend modifying your variable to 
be like this:

<xsl:variable name='y'>

  <xsl:element name="'something'">

    <xsl:call-template name='attributes'/>



although I suspect a more hefty re-work may be necessary.  Your variable 
will probably not be a true node, so will have to be converted to a 
node-set using an extension function.  After this conversion, you'll likely 
want the first child of the new set.

<xsl:variable "y2" select="msxsl:node-set($y)"/>

<xsl:variable "y3" select="$y2/*[1]"/>

Greg Faron
Integre Technical Publishing Co.

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