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Re: [xsl] Literal string question

From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@---------------->
Date: 1/2/2002 10:37:00 AM

Doesn't NoteTab have support for regular expressions in its search/replace? 
How much data do you have anyway? replacing '\.[^ ]' with '& ' (using the 
syntax my editor recognizes) could go pretty quickly, even allowing for any 
gotchas you'd have to check for (such as tag names with periods in them, 

Sometimes tooling up an assembly line to automate a task, is harder than 
just doing it....

(Now Mike K.'s

test="contains(translate($s, 'ABCDE...Z', 'A'), '.A')"

 is nice ... though even he has to restate the requirements a bit! :-)

Still being a contrarian,

At 09:24 AM 12/31/01, you wrote:
What I have in mind is to PULL the data from a specific field in my
XML document which has initials without a space between them.


Then (removing the HTML coding using the toolbar macro) I will make
this list of names an array in my NOTE TAB PRO clip library. I copy
the list and search and replace to put spaces in. The corrected list
then becomes my replace array. I run the NTP clip and all the
initials in the first array are replaced in by the corrected names in
the second array. This is done all in my XML document.

I only needed the XSL syntax so I can PULL the data out of my XML

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