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Re: [xsl] saxon in batch file for lots and lots of xml files

From: Jiri Jirat <Jiri.Jirat@------------>
Date: 1/29/2002 1:12:00 AM
 I think you will find our "saxonserver" useful.

"..Saxonserver is a server, which gets data directly via TCP and 
performs XSLT transformation using saxon. Saxonclient is a perl script, 
which sends the filenames or URLs of XML and XSLT files, and pairs of 
parameters to the server. The only purpose is to avoid starting Javawith 
each transformation, which represents a constant delay about 2 - 3 
seconds. Thus when you perform one thousand transformations you can save 
nearly one hour of your precious time .."

We use saxonserver+saxonclient each day and the speed up is incredible.


Michael Kay wrote:


Write a Java main program to control this rather than doing it with a batch
file. Then (a) you will only load all the Java classes once, and (b) you
will only need to compile the stylesheet once.

If you don't feel confident to write this Java code, another approach is to
use the (rather simple) mechanism provided on the Saxon command line to
process an entire directory. To achieve this you may have to copy all the
files you want to process into a new directory, because the operation isn't
selective. Use:

  saxon -o output-dir input-dir convert.xsl

Mike Kay

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Subject: [xsl] saxon in batch file for lots and lots of xml files

Hi there,

I have a large directory with rather small xml files. There
may be well
over 500 files in there.
Once a day these files are transformed with saxon 6.2.
Although this goes well, it takes a lot of time.
I have a feeling that is is not the transformation itself
that takes a lot
of time, but that the starting and closing of saxon is.
let me show you some code from the batchfiles:

for %%b in ("*.xml") do call 2.bat %%b CC
rem. for each xml file that is found I call 2.bat

java com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet -o "%1-a" "%1" "convert.xsl"
rem for each file that has to be transformed saxon/java is
started and closed.

Is there a quicker/smarter way of doing this?

any help is appreciated



(ps I tried Instant saxon, but that gives more or less the
same results)

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