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Re: [xsl] Problem with Chinese

From: "Frank Chen" <frank63@------------->
Date: 8/7/2001 9:58:00 AM
Hi, Shaun:

Can you transform XML under command line with msxsl.exe?
If you can, it should be Ok to make client-side or server-side

Frank Chen

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From: "Shaun Bliss" <sb@xxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 7:03 PM
Subject: [xsl] Problem with Chinese

> I have an XML document containing Chinese characters.
> When I transform this using an XSL stylesheet under MSXML3.0 the
> parser cannot find any of the data to display in the result set.
> I have tried this document with the default XSL which is running on
> IE5.5 and the data displays correctly, even the Chinese !  (as long as
> I specify an encoding of GB2312 on the XML document.
> If I use a MSXML3.0 transform on the server (using ASP) or on the
> client (using Javascript), the data does not show up.
> I have tested this by making a normal english XML file and inserting
> one chinese character.  Then you can't even see the English nodes.
> Changing the encoding makes no difference.
> What's going on here ??
> I tried downloading and installing the Chinese Localized version of
> MSXML3.0 and it makes no difference.  Should it ??  How do I make
> sure I'm using the Chinese version ?  Do I create a different activeX
> object like  MSXML2.Chinese ?    Do I have to install ONLY in
> replace mode ??
> Help !!!
> Thanks,
> Shaun Bliss
> ps.  Please cc: replies to sb@xxxxxxxx   (as I just get a daily digest)
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