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[xsl] [ANN] A belated annoucement of an XSLT book

From: "Khun Yee Fung" <khunyee@-------->
Date: 4/1/2001 6:18:00 AM
Hi all,

Addison-Wesley published my XSLT book last December. The title of the book
is: "XSLT: Working With XML and HTML". The ISBN is 0201711036, and this is
the amazon URL for the book

The target audience is Web developers. My motivation of writing the book was
to help the Web developers who have to handle XSLT as well as HTML, as it
happened to the Web developers in the company I worked for at the time of


It is nice to be on the XSL list again. I unsubscribed from the list when I
changed job last September. I never got the chance to settle down until a
week ago, having successively changed jobs three times in five months. Thus
is the life of a developer in the software industry.

Now, I just have to subscribe to the XML list as well.

Khun Yee

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