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Re: [xsl] divide info in several output files

From: cutlass <cutlass@----------->
Date: 3/1/2001 6:39:00 AM
need to output a html with a few (10 i.e.) of this itens
and a link to other page containing the next 10 and
so on til the last page including the last 8 items.

The quantity of items can be different from one xml file

to another so no quantity-dependant-solution  

other half of question, sorry hit send button too early.

if u pass the style sheet parameters as discussed in previous posting, u 
can always use just one xml file with all the articles, selectively 
displaying whatever range ( start and end / page).

u can do some counting math to generate < a hrefs > with param passed in 
the url ( remember parameter passing may be dependant on the type of 
parser you are using)


<a href=">back</a>
<a href=">next</a>

or depending on how your xml file was arranged

<a href=">back</a>
<a href=">next</a>

as xsl allows you to do numbering and counting and such, i leave it to u 
to generate. once again there are stacks of other ways to do this, using 
xlink comes to mind ( then generate javascript or typical links with 
another stylesheet, etc ), this is just a humble start.

cheers, jim

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