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Re: [xsl] Re: namespace values

From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@---------------->
Date: 3/13/2001 9:38:00 AM
At 02:27 AM 3/13/01 -0800, Dimitre wrote:
Anybody has the right to invent a totally new language for processing
XML documents. The danger is not to really start thinking this is standard
XSLT and mixing the two together.

This is why names (and namespaces) are so important -- clarity at this 
higher level is a key problem for keeping the technologies usable and 
maintainable. But that is only to say that "EXSLT better not call itself 
XSLT, or XSL as a whole will suffer" -- something we know very well (having 
been badly burned by a popular implementation of the December 1998 draft 
that was unclear in exactly these respects). The proponents and developers 
of EXSLT have shown every indication of being sensitive to this issue.

Nobody can force an implementor to implement/incorporate a set of extensions.
EXSLT does not have the normative force of a W3C Recommendation.

But then, neither does a W3C Recommendation have the normative force of a 
W3C Recommendation ... it's all rhetoric, some lies, some truth, some fiat, 
some wishful thinking, some constructive design. Ultimately, implementers 

While like Mike, I haven't felt moved to follow the details, I don't see 
any positive contribution in throwing cold water on EXSLT. Let's see what 
they come up with.


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