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Re: check if nodes match xpath expression

From: Christian Nentwich <c.nentwich@------------>
Date: 12/1/2000 10:48:00 AM
> I'd greatly appreciate receiving any comments reflecting your
> experience with the XPath Visualiser.

> <xsl:if test="count(. | $SelectedNodes) = count($SelectedNodes) ">

Thanks very much for that trick... This should be in the XSLT FAQ! The
XPath Visualiser is a great little tool. I have used it in talks for
lightning introductions to XPath. I think it is particularly valuable as
a teaching tool.

However, the stylesheet we need must not depend on microsoft technology
since we have to use it in a variety of operating systems, so the
visualiser is out of the question. My summary: Great stuff, but only
under windows. And also, I had to change the colours because the default
ones killed me :) (Colour customisation wasn't that easy because, for
example, it's not that easy to see from the documentation which class is
the colour for the '+' character)

"If anything can be linked, it will be linked." - xlinkit
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