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[ANN] PassiveTeX XSL FO implementation, 1.1

From: Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@------------------------------->
Date: 10/4/2000 2:17:00 PM
I have made a new release of my PassiveTeX XSL FO processor on There are a variety of bug
fixes (nothing too dramatic), and some new implementations of FO
elements and characteristics. One important addition is that fo:marker
and fo:retrieve-marker now work, more or less, allowing dynamic
headers and footers. I have tested this by formatting the XSL FO spec
itself, with satisfactory results.

As ever, PassiveTeX is for you if
 - you have an existing TeX system which you understand
 - you need decent hyphenation, justification and page-breaking now
 - you want MathML support
 - you want high-quality PDF (compressed, bookmarks, links etc)
 - you are into big files and long batch processing
It isn't for you if
 - you want a Java solution which you can embed
 - you have never seen TeX and dont want to
 - you want SVG support
 - your life revolves around complex tables is a typical example
of what I use this system for.

I expect, by the way, to share TeX details with the Unicorn XSL FO
processor in the future; and possibly move to a comparable method myself.

Sebastian Rahtz

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