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Stylesheet vs. Transform

From: "Mabry, F. DR EECS" <df6954@-------------------->
Date: 6/12/2000 9:08:00 AM
My students asked me last term about the use of alternate names of
stylesheet and transform in XSLT.

At the time (and without any research on suggestions from others) I offered
the following guidance on when to use each:
(1)	When taking any XML material (from one or more XML sources) and
developing a single web page (including a frameset) rendering (either as a
response for a dynamic page) or as the HTM or HTML result to be stored for a
static response, use the term "stylesheet" in XSLT.
(2)	When one or more XML sources are processed to compose (a) one or
more XML versions of the information (for possible subsequent processing) or
(b) a set of related and inter-referencing web pages use the term
"transform" in XSLT.
(3)	If in (2) above specific styles of individual web pages are being
generated by imported/included XSLT then the "stylesheet" form might be
applied for each of the sub-references in the "transform" XSLT file.

Any comments on this suggestion with respect to guidance in the use of the
two words?  Note: the suggestions above are not complete mapping onto the
stylesheet/transform space.


Dr. Frank Mabry
Dept. of EE&CS, U.S. Military Academy
West Point, NY 10996
email: df6954@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: (845) 938-2960

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