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RE: is XT validating?

From: "Mabry, F. DR EECS" <df6954@-------------------->
Date: 5/24/2000 7:33:00 AM
I am not sure about XT but the following URL has a validating parser by
Richard Tobin.  I used this last term to teach about well-formed and
validating WRT XML.  The window's version is small and very portable.  If
you look at his published conformance level with the test suite for XML
parsers you may notice the ones that the parser had problems with.  Don't be
put off.  Richard's RXP performs very fast and very well for most of what is
likely to come up.  It doesn't take forever to download either.

Dr. Frank Mabry
Dept. of EE&CS, U.S. Military Academy
West Point, NY 10996
email: df6954@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: (914) 938-2960

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		When using this command line:
		java com.jclark.xsl.sax.Driver source stylesheet
		result name=value...

		The parser is not validating, how to have a validating
		parser with XT?


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