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Re: Accessing 2 xml files in xsl

From: "Noah Nordrum" <noah@------------->
Date: 4/18/2000 3:51:00 PM
here was the example David gave.
xsl:import is for importing stylesheets, ie for structuring your
stylesheet out of smaller modules. So is no use at all for what you want
to do.

if your countries are in countries.xml then just go

<xsl:apply-templates select="document('countries.xml')"/>

and write some templates to transform your file
into the list on your html.


I hope this will partially redeem me :)
also the "Index by Date" link on the xsl-list site is bad
"Index by Thread" works though.


"Selva, Francis" wrote:

> I have 2 xml files out of which one is linked to a xsl file.The xsl file
> produces html output but it has to access both the xml files.Can anyone tell
> me how I can do that?.I remember David saying about xsl:apply-templates
> match=document("test.xml") sometime back but can someone give me an example
> pl?.
>  This is just a rough sketch
> xml1
> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="layout.xsl"?>
> <bwlabels>
>         <header>... </header>
>          <address1>... </address1>
>          <address2>... </address2>
>          <address3>... </address3>
> </bwlabels>
> xml2
> <layout>
>         <alertmsg>You must enter three or more characters to perform a
> search.</alertmsg>
>         <pr>Projects</pr>
>         <productdetails>
>                 <type>Product Search</type>
>                 <pcontent1>Item Number</pcontent1>
>                 <pcontent2>Name</pcontent2>
>                 <pcontent3>Quick Guides</pcontent3>
>                 <pcontent4>Password</pcontent4>
>                 <pcontent5>New Items</pcontent5>
>                 <pcontent6>Work Area</pcontent6>
>                 <pcontent7>Reports</pcontent7>
>                 <pcontent8>Logoff</pcontent8>
>         </productdetails>
> </layout>
> I need to use both these xml files in my layout.xsl.
> Francis
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