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Re: XML/XSL unixish transform?

From: Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@------------------------------->
Date: 10/7/1999 1:04:00 PM
Bill Pollock writes:
 > Given the volume of stuff we need to push through here, we need to zip
 > content through fairly quickly.  I don't need a very robust set of XSL/T
 > tags yet, just enough to run fairly simple transforms.
 > It sounds like what I need is a fast command line XML/XSL transformer for
 > UNIX (which also sounds non-java for the "fast" part).  Am I correct, and
 > if so, anybody know of a good one?

How fast is "fairly quickly"? How big are the documents? How complex
is the transform? I would not rule out the XSL/java ones at first
sight. Looking at a simple transform on a 3Mbyte XML file, I get

real	0m20.540s
user	0m19.760s
sys	0m0.360s

on my average Linux box using XT. Is that slow or fast? 

Omnimark would seem to be the other obvious contender.


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