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Re: foo ... bar Re: Q: XML+XSL transforms to a print-ready format

From: "James Tauber" <jtauber@----------->
Date: 10/9/1999 9:12:00 AM
> As to whole running heads stuff. It may be interesting to
> render such ( exotic ) usecase you are talking about.

Running headings are not exotic. They are very common in books. I would
guess that if you picked up two or three books right now, one of them at
least would have running headings.

Dictionary-style headings are slightly exotic but they are just a special
case of running headings.

Note that XSL doesn't currently support running headings (at least not when
a section doesn't get its own page sequence), so if the focus is solely on
implementing XSL 1.0, you could get away with not supporting running

However, I guarantee that, if not the first, then the second person that
comes along wanting to produce a real book with XSL will wish your product
supported running headings.

If book publishing is not your focus, again, you could probably get away
with not supporting running headings.


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