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Re: Small XML Validator for evaluation purposes...

From: "John Markor" <john.markor@------------>
Date: 8/7/1999 3:58:00 AM
Oops - sorry about that - forgot about the Outlook 
Express part!

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  evaluation purposes...
and now for those of you that are not using outlook express 

(i had to load the file into a netscape window and view the 
this happens all the time now ;-|    

john said:

I took some sample code I found on the 
  Microsoft site and modified it
so slightly to make an IE5 HTML 
  validating parser that can be run from a
page using 
  _javascript_.  It uses the IE5 DOM, so I'm not sure it will
  any other parsers, but at least this is out there now.

The code makes 
  use of FrontPage themes, so it can be modified extremely
easily to match 
  the themes of a site, and allows browsing of local
for XML files 
  to parse.  The _javascript_ makes use of the ValidateonParse
  of the DOM, and validation can be turned on or off by means
of a
  box on the page.

Have at it folks - and let me know if you think there 
  should be some
made in the file!  



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