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Please help with XSL proselytizing

From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@-------------------->
Date: 5/21/1999 3:43:00 AM
Hello all!

The XSL community of users needs your help in an interactive forum on where a public discussion has been invited regarding comparing
XSL and CSS.

My personal situation is I am unavoidably unavailable until Tuesday evening
due to family matters, which means I personally can only participate in the
latter stages of the debates.

I truly believe we can illustrate the benefits and help others understand
where XSL can play a useful and meaningful role in information management.

Thanks for any help you can be.

............ Ken

p.s. I apologize if the above sounds as if I am speaking *for* the XSL
community, which I dare not do because it would be inappropriate, but I
didn't know any other way to word that we are doing this for our collective
good and that I'm not asking for a personal favour.

G. Ken Holman                  mailto:gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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