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RE: About the style processing instruction

From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@------------->
Date: 1/31/1999 9:44:00 AM
Hi Matthieu

Don't you think that the best situation you discribe here would be possible
if each different backend could be define externally.
I explain: I suppose that we could consider a FO document as a XML document.
If it is possible to write a XSL ss like "FO document to TeX ocument" which
translate all FO to a specific backend, thus, any new backend could be added
to any browser. This need two XSL process "work" (one for PI given by the
XSL ss author, and one another for the PI about  the FO translation).
Perhaps I've made a mistake by considering a FO document like a XML
document, or perhaps this already exist and in this case excuse me. In the
contrary, this could be a solution.

Tell me if I get it right. Your suggestion is that a style sheet may contain
instructions telling which back end to use or at least require that
rendering level of quality (the browser provide a rendering in accordance to
this format rendering model).

So, we don't specify in the content XML document the media output but in the
style sheet document. Am I right? Is it what you are saying?

Didier PH Martin

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