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Re: Doubt in using within XSL

From: Norman Walsh <ndw@---------->
Date: 5/8/1998 8:01:00 AM
/ Amit Rekhi <amitr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
| Let me explain the scenario I am trying to create.
| I have the following (incomplete) constrution rule :-
| <rule>
|   <target-element type="section"/>
|       <A href="section.htm">Hyper Link</A>
| </rule>
| Using this construction rule, I want to pass the data of the target element
| <section> (present in my XML file) to the section.htm file.
| How do I do that??

You can't.  There's no provision in the XSL submision for doing that.

I think it's an interesting problem.  I frequently use Jade to
create lots of separate HTML files from a single XML/SGML
instance.  This works fine because I basically build my website
with Jade.

However, looking forward to a day when I'll be able to just
publish my source instances and an XSL stylesheet, how will I
get this chunking behavior?

One thought is that I'll have to chunk my sources.  Rather than
having what is essentially a single huge XML document and
bursting it into dozens of pages before putting it on the
server, maybe I'll have to maintain my source as dozens of
separate XML documents.  Linked together with XLinks?

That'll be both more and less convenient than what I have today.


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