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Re: xslj, jade and select-elements?

From: ht@--------------- (----- -. --------)
Date: 4/16/1998 12:52:00 AM
"Biron,Paul V" <Paul.V.Biron@xxxxxx> writes:

> I have an XSL style sheet which I am converting to DSSSL using Henry
> Thompson's xslj.  I am then processing the resulting DSSSL style sheet
> with jade.  The problem is that jade barfs on the DSSSL which xslj spits
> out.  From my reading on the DSSSL spec jade *should* complain.  Is this
> a problem with xslj or what?
> . . .
> ===begin jade error messages===
> JADE.EXE:sheet.dsl:11:19:E: "#t" cannot occur in a pattern
> ===end jade error messages===
> From my reading of the DSSSL spec regarding the patterns in
> select-elements (and match-element?) jade should be complaining.  The
> relevent pieces are:

Sorry for not making the documentation clearer:  you must be using
jade1.1, and you must invoke it with the -2 switch to enable the
so-called DSSSL2 experimental extensions which support XSL features.

These extensions are documented in the dsssl2.htm file in the jadedoc
directory of the jade1.1 distribution:

> . . .
> repeat: 
>      followed by one of the symbols *, +, ? 

Hope this solves your problem.

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