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[ANN] xframe - xsddoc-0.3-alpha released

From: "Kurt Riede" <kurt.riede@---.-->
To: xmlschema-dev@--.---
Date: 12/1/2003 4:10:00 PM
The xframe team is pleased to announce the third alpha release of the
subproject xsddoc, a documentation tool for W3C XML Schema.

This Announcement notes the significant changes in Release 0.3
compared to Release to 0.2:

Many bugfixes regarding references between schema components 
Bugfix for schemas using default namespace as targetNamespace. 
Bugfix: Command line utility now idependent of Apache Ant 
Intermediate XML format in component processing
Revised documentation on our xsddoc page 

We expected this release to be the first beta release, but due to the many
changes, we decided to keep alpha status till end of this year. We need more
time for exhaustive test on several operating systems as well as with different
JDK's and different version of XalanJ, maybe also with other XSLT processors.
As soon as we have a reached a consistent state without any major open bugs,
we will go to beta.

We created some samples to test and demonstrate the results.
You can view them online here:

XML Schema for XML:
SOAP Envelope:
Stress test:
Schema of xsddoc:

xsddoc-0.3-alpha can be downloaded from here:

For installation and usage instructions please visit our xsddoc page

Please feel free to send comments and feedback about your experience with xsddoc at

xframe is hosted at Sourceforge: ttp://

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