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Re: [xml-dev] 'is-a' Relationships in XML?

From: Stephen Green <stephengreenubl@-----.--->
To: xml-dev <xml-dev@-----.---.--->
Date: 5/6/2010 12:29:00 PM
I'd propose some best practice principles then

1. semantic queries regarding XML should ideally be written in a semantic
query language

2. semantic queries using XPath should be considered second best

3. semantic conformance rules / criteria should be tested using
semantic assertions
(just as we can test structural criteria using XPath assertions such
as Schematron,
XSD 1.1, test assertion markup with XPathsm and other associations between rules
and XPaths, etc)

4. semantics can be defined for a markup using semantic / ontology languages

5. semantic expressions can be evaluated over the markup using semantic queries
but for this, maybe further work is needed to establish how to
associate XPaths with
the semantic definitions

Best regards

Stephen D Green

> Apologies for harping back on the
>  former thread.
> Given then that I need to define the
> semantics of a markup outside of that
> markup and outside of a schema,
> perhaps using RDF or the like, I'd probably
> want to associate many classes and properties
> or expressions with XPaths in my markup.
> If I used RDF, it seems to like URIs or URLs
> or the like (there seem to be many such
> identifier standards of late). Would there
> be a standard way to add something like
> an XPath to perhaps the end of such a URL,
> so I can point a semantic expression like
> class or property to a node in the markup?
> XQuery? It would be nice to have a semantic
> query like SPARQL be able to resolve
>  it.
> Thanks
> Stephen D Green


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