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[xml-dev] [ANN] SchemaLightener, SchemaFlattener, WSDLFlattener

From: "Paul Kiel" <paul@-----------.--->
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Date: 4/11/2010 9:55:00 PM


I am pleased to share with you that my free tools have now been merged into
a "3 in 1".  The Xml SchemaLightener, SchemaFlattener, and WSDLFlattener are
now all bundled together in one download.  And it's still free.


These are all part of my desire to support "develop modular, deploy stand
alone" design.


Here is a link to background information and FAQ:


In short, the SchemaLightener removes components from a schema that are
unused.  The user determines which are needed and which are not.


The SchemaFlattener, merges all XSD includes into a single XSD file.  In
addition, it merges each xsd:import in turn as well.  It creates the fewest
number of schema files possible.


The WSDLFlattener does for WSDL what the SchemaFlattener does for schemas.
Merge modularly developed files into a single stand alone.


Here is some feedback I've been getting about it:


Send me an email - paul (at) - and I'll give you the
download link. Don't worry, I won't annoy you with marketing or spam.


NOTE! : If you'd like to help support this effort and keep these tools free,
you can buy me some coffee here:

Any size cup is greatly appreciated !



Paul Kiel



W. Paul Kiel



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