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RE: [xml-dev] A good XML editor for documents?

From: "Liz Andrews" <liz.andrews@------.--->
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Date: 1/14/2009 2:57:00 PM
Hi Gustaf,

Altova tools also meet all of your requirements... In my previous job I
was involved in several large-scale publishing projects where we
implemented XMLSpy, StyleVision, and Authentic (which is a free WYSIWYG
XML authoring tool for non-technical users).

StyleVision is a stylesheet designer and single source publishing tool
that you can use to design the stylesheet for your graphical editing
view based on your DTD (XML Schema, or database). Users can then edit
the XML based on your design either in XMLSpy (which provides a text
view, grid view, and Authentic view for editing XML instance files) or
Authentic. StyleVision also generates XSLT and FO on-the-fly for
simultaneous output in HTML, RTF, PDF, and Word 2007.

Authentic is available in a Desktop and Browser edition (both are
completely free). The Browser edition runs as a plugin in Internet

Swedish and all other major languages are supported as well.

As I mentioned, Authentic is free, but StyleVision and XMLSpy are
available for free 30-day trials on our website.

You may also want to check out the MissionKit configurations for cost

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions.

Best of luck!

Liz Andrews
Technical Marketing Manager
Altova, Inc.

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Subject: [xml-dev] A good XML editor for documents?

Coming back to XML publishing after a new year's absence. In 2001, I
helped a customer switch from tedious PageMaker work to a DTP system
built on Xmetal and XEP, with custom DTD and FO stylesheets. It's time
for an update now. Having been away from graphical XML editors for a
long while, I can't tell what options there are besides Xmetal on
today's market. But I can tell my requirements and hope that some of you
will point me right:

  * It must have graphical and source edit views. The graphical view
must support various forms of lists, tables, images and so on.
  * It must support DTD schemas.
  * It must support CSS. In particular, the 'display' property and CSS 2
  * It must have DTD validation.
  * It must actively prevent grammar errors in the graphical view.

And some less important things:

  * It should offer spell checking in many languages (Swedish in
  * It should be possible to write macros and develop custom forms for
input, and connect macros to toolbar buttons or menus.

Another customer is asking for the same, but in a web interface. I'm
sceptic. In my view, the strength of a good XML editing environment is
(apart from content presentation separation) the ability to customize,
by adding macros to speed up common tasks, or validating content. If
there *is* an XML editing plugin for web browsers, I bet it's not very
customizable. What do you think?



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