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Re: [xml-dev] XML Performance in a Transacation

From: "Oleg A. Paraschenko" <olpa@-------.-->
To: "Michael Kay" <mike@--------.--->
Date: 3/24/2006 3:21:00 AM

On Thu, 23 Mar 2006 14:30:52 -0000
"Michael Kay" <mike@s...> wrote:

> > My expectation is that XML parsing can be significantly sped up with
> > ...
> I think that UTF-8 decoding is often the bottleneck and the obvious way
> to speed that up is to write the whole thing in assembler. I suspect the
> only way of getting a significant improvement (i.e. more than a
> doubling) in parser speed is to get closer to the hardware. I'm
> surprised no-one has done it. Perhaps no-one knows how to write
> assembler any more (or perhaps, like me, they just don't enjoy it).

I think the issue is a bit different. An experienced developer can
implement a very fast parser, for example, in 1 year. But whom he can
sell it? I just don't see a market for XML parsers.

> Michael Kay
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