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Re: [xml-dev] Web Services/SOA (was RE: [xml-dev] XML 2004 weblog items?)

From: david.lyon@------------.---
To: Paul Downey <paul.downey@----------.--->
Date: 12/1/2004 10:56:00 PM

Interesting. at least in perl it's a respectable language.

Don't seem to mind the idea of parsing stuff in perl.

but this:

that looks like a lake of fire...

I guess if I am a bad programmer that is where I'll be
going in the next life.......


Quoting Paul Downey <paul.downey@w...>:

> david.lyon@c... wrote:
> > only funny because I remember YACC from way back. No
> > doubt it still exists. I remember that was one
> > heck of a frustrating program.
> oh it still exists, though i've moved onto using Parse::RecDescent
> as a better mouse trap for writing ad-hoc parsers:
> > and yet... some of these new tools have exactly the
> > same frustration level in xml even now. I don't know
> > why I think that, but it seems that way to me. Especially
> > in Linux.
> i guess it might be interesting to compare the shift-reduce
> limitations of YACC with, say the UPA rule in W3C schema:
> --
> Paul Downey

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