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Re: [xml-dev] relax ng public list?

From: Daniel Veillard <veillard@------.--->
To: Dave Pawson <dpawson@-------.--.-->
Date: 9/22/2003 5:36:00 PM
On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 04:52:57PM +0100, Dave Pawson wrote:
> At 22:22 21/09/2003 -0700, K. Ari Krupnikov wrote:
> >Is there an open list where one can ask questions about RELAX NG?
> >There seems to be a members-only relax-ng@l... and
> >something called relax-ng-comment@l..., but I haven't
> >found a way to subscribe. Is it not public, or am I just having
> >trouble navigation
> >
> >Also, just to confirm, there is no jing-specific list, is there?
> I only wish there were a higher traffic level list at all.
> Many keep praising relax-ng, but the great unwashed seem
> to feel quite excluded.... despite Tim telling us it's 12K lines
> of e-lisp .... yes. a bit on the gobsmacked side isn't it.

  I have to back this up. A mailing list named "...-comment" doesn't
seems like a way to build up a community. And the other list is private
to OASIS members. If the people behind Relax-NG really want it to succeed
the website should be more widely advertized,
and have the minimal parts needed for a community to build, like a free
public, archived mailing-list, some mechanism for news announcement, etc.
like many other community had been built on-line in the last few years.
  I think the xmlschema-dev@w... mailing list made more for the deployment
of W3C XML Schenas than the quality of the earlier implementation. And
relying purely on the toolkit software users list dilutes the informations
and doesn't really build up a community sense, IMHO.


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