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Re: [xml-dev] political blather (WAS Re: Advice: inline node editing, or not?)

From: Jay Vaughan <jv@------------.-->
To: "Jonathan Borden" <jonathan@----------.--->,"Bullard, Claude L \(Len\)" <clbullar@----.--->
Date: 7/24/2003 6:54:00 AM
At 18:38 -0400 23/7/2003, Jonathan Borden wrote:
>Which is it:
>1) is he trying to enter ...
>2) does he think he you could ...

How about neither.

>3) who cares: what do you really think about the claim on the GNU site that
>since SCO has licensed Linux _themselves_ under the GPL, that they've given
>up all proprietary claims ... that one makes good sense to me.

Moderator Totals: (+1 Funny Business)

>4) I think that neither the Chinese nor German gov'ts will need any sort of
>indemnification against IP claims against Linux, it will only be the big
>American corps that will need to tizzy themselves with that issue... in the
>end they'll either use it or lose it.

Typical American rubbish, making laws for themselves, digging the 
hole even deeper ...



Jay Vaughan
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