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Date: 6/3/2003 1:15:00 PM
We have produced a "pure" client XML web site. 
Currently it only runs under IE5.5+ but that should change when we have time to 
make it work under Mozilla and their XML extensions as well. Opera and Konqueror 
isn't an option (for us anyway).
The "site" is one xml file with all textual content 
and a couple of xslt (of course some javascript to do some stuff...). 

Address is: http://www.xcerion.xom
Marcus Andersson
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  Dennis D. 
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  Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 12:52 
  Subject: [xml-dev] XML websites

  I have a database application programming 
  background (Oracle SQL+, dbase, MS Access), and have been studying XML for 
  awhile (6 months+). I've seen several case studies (especially at Microsoft) 
  using XML as a legacy database interface, and other applications where XML is 
  being implemented using various application languages.
  What I haven't seen is a true XML website; a 
  model. If XML technology is set to become the pervasive programming language 
  of webservers everywhere, then where are the websites? I've seen some examples 
  of web 'pages' using XHTML. Microsoft has enabled MSXML in their 
  browsers, yet I don't see it being used in public websites in the programming 
  code. In fact, Microsoft seems to be using JavaScript (which was originally a 
  Netscape product as you know), and using XML as a database application to 
  build their website. IBM is using an HTML document on it's homepage, 
  but at least it declares a DOCTYPE and references a dtd called ibmxhtml1. 
  W3 is using XHTML1 strict.
  Where is XML in this? Where are the true XML websites, and the browser clients that 
  display them?
  Why do I ask? I've been building websites for 
  about 7 years (as a hobby). Currently, I have single website of a couple 
  hundred pages, which includes an MS Access database and a message board 
  (written in ASP). I am familiar with CSS, JavaScript, and some other 
  languages which I could combine to construct a website. I want to 
  re-write it using the latest and greatest technology available. I thought that 
  would be XML. Turns out that XHTML is the latest and greatest. It is an 
  interim solution. Worse, it involves a complex conversion process to yield (I 
  suspect) the XHTML pages. Do you know of any true XML websites? I'm sort of at 
  a loss about where I should be going with this. I've taken my site down, 
  studied the content, and I'm left with the builders dilemma; how to 
  redress the architecture (languages, db's, etc.). As a website builder, what 
  model should I be looking toward; Microsoft, IBM, W3C and it's Amaya 
  Dennis Dickens,
  Lakewood, WA, 


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