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RE: [xml-dev] FW: Tim Bray "Let's Move XML-DEV"

From: "Simon St.Laurent" <simonstl@--------.--->
Date: 3/12/2003 8:03:00 PM (Karl Best) writes:
>OASIS has been hosting this list for the past three years as a 
>benefit to the industry, but has derived no revenue to compensate for 
>the expense of running the list.
>So while we all recognize that the xml-dev list is a valuable industry
>resource I think that you're expecting a bit much when you demand that
>we monitor the list closely (since you won't tell us about problems)
>and drop everything else we're doing to fix things. Yes, xml-dev is a
>low priority for us -- but what else could you reasonably expect?
>...(And please 
>note that OASIS is also a business, and we've been sponsoring the list 
>for three years without any return. Would any of your companies be 
>willing to do this?)

Reading this as charitably as I can muster, it seems that OASIS has no
interest in supporting a key forum for the XML community, despite the
fact that their entire business model is largely built on the work of
that community over time.  

Perhaps it is in fact time to find a new home.

Simon St.Laurent
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