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RE: [xml-dev] The subsetting has begun

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Date: 2/26/2003 7:13:00 PM
As fascinating as this is, what does it have to do with subsetting XML?

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> Subject: Re: [xml-dev] The subsetting has begun
> On Wednesday 26 February 2003 19:00, K. Ari Krupnikov wrote:
> > <!DOCTYPE A [
> > ]>
> > <A>
> >   <B>
> >     <D id="d1">
> >       <any> children D might have, just to make it more
> interesting</any>
> >     </D>
> >   </B>
> >   <C>
> >     <D ref="d1"/>
> >   </C>
> > </A>
> Ah, but that's implementing a form of pointer on top of the underlying
> tree
> structure by nominating a part of the tree - that, otherwise, would
> nothing but that 'id' equalled 'd1' - and giving it some semantics.
> Yet again, unless your program explicitly went to the effort of
> up
> the id references itself, any parser would still show the D within B
> the
> D within C to be different elements. Even in XPath, they are
> The
> DTD declares that the second D is linked to the first in some way, but
> doesn't say that this is supposed to be an identity constraint, so it
> still
> doesn't make it a DAG, it merely potentially *suggests* a DAG
viewpoint of
> the tree :-)
> It would be a DAG if, instead of the second D, you could write:
> <?xml-ptr d1?>
> ...with <?xml-ptr?> being defined as being substituted for the element
> whose
> ID is d1 during parsing.
> But anyway! I'm splitting hairs and have been doing so all day! Stop
> baiting
> me! :-)
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