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Re: [xml-dev] IBM's idea off an XML expert

From: Frank <frank@-----------.--->
To: Gerben Rampaart <VisualBasic@----.-->
Date: 1/3/2003 10:05:00 PM
On Fri, 2003-01-03 at 14:06, Gerben Rampaart wrote:

> ... what do the XML experts on the XML-Dev list think of this
> certification? Do some of you have it? What is the level? Is it worth
> the effort and does it actually show that you are an XML expert? Are the
> correct questions asked? And why doesn't a company like Microsoft have a
> XML certification (regarding their new .NET strategy and all)...
> If anybody has any experience with this exam, please let me know.

I got this certification in 2000 (I know it's been updated since). At
that time it was a good test of basic xml and xslt, Obviously many specs
have been released in the last two years. It was definitely basic.

I took it because my employer needed someone with an IBM technical
certification to qualify as an IBM partner. Presumably this was worth
one full day (half day reviewing XSLT and schema drafts, half day at the
test)of my time and US$150.



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