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Re: [xml-dev] ConciseXML arguments

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Date: 1/19/2003 8:49:00 PM
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/ "Mike Plusch" <mplusch@c...> was heard to say:
| Out of the 50 email messages about
| ConciseXML, almost all of the comments
| have been of the sort:
| "but ConciseXML is not XML 1.0!".
| Although this is a true statement,
| how about any comments on the two
| key problems that ConciseXML fixes that
| are reoccuring issues across the industry.
| 1. XML 1.0 is verbose and is not suitable
|    for many applications that people would
|    like to use it for.

Then why do they want to use it for that?

|    People invent new
|    syntax all the time to avoid XML 1.0.
|    For example, XPATH, XQuery, string
|    encodings, CSV data, etc.

Yeah, and if I could turn back time I'd have worked harder to prevent
some of those.

| 2. There is not a single way in XML 1.0 to 
|    represent data fields that have a key and value
|    where the key can be any type and the value
|    can be any type.

  <key>key value</key>
  <value>value value</value>

And base64 encode the keys and values if they contain characters that
aren't in XML 1.1.

I'm not sure there's *any* value in what I've proposed but it
satisfies the existence proof. OTOH, I'm not sure there's any value in
being able to represent data fields that have a key and value where
the key can be any type and the value can be any type in XML.

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