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Re: [xml-dev] ASN.1t schema languages?

From: Tim Bray <tbray@----------.--->
To: "Alaric B. Snell" <alaric@------------.--->
Date: 1/23/2003 3:23:00 PM
Alaric B. Snell wrote:

>>Speaking as one who has just invested several very painful solid days
>>trying to pick apart 1.3 million data records transmitted in ASN.1/BER
>>(the one or two publicly available pieces of software that claimed to do
>>BER silently failed to do anything, the information provider's own C
>>program was idiosyncratic, failed to compile out of the box, and ran
>>painfully slow), and then discovered that all the non-ASCII characters
>>are hosed, I hope that this effort bears fruit.
> Sounds like it was a lame implementation, rather than ASN.1 itself at 
> fault... ASN.1/BER handles Unicode fine, and normally works OK!

Sorry, not good enough.  When someone sends me a pile of what's alleged 
to be XML

(a) I can use lots of impartial 3rd-party software to find out whether 
it really is or not, and
(b) That software runs pretty fast, and
(c) It never breaks non-ASCII characters.

I've actually had consistently nasty experiences with (alleged) ASN.1. 
Is there actually a widely-available utility out there that I can 
download from somewhere that will reliably and robustly read BER-encoded 
ASN.1?  Google dosn't find much.

There's some stuff from IBM Developerworks (you have to download a 
mountain of other Java to get it to work, sigh).  If this silently 
refuses to unpack the BER should I feel confident in throwing the BER 
back in the data provider's face?  -Tim


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