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Re: [xml-dev] heritage (was Re: [xml-dev] SGML on the Web)

From: Sam Hunting <shunting@-----------.--->
To: John Cowan <jcowan@-------------.--->
Date: 10/7/2002 3:44:00 PM
> > <counter-troll> The phrase <troll> XML is a <phrase>data model</phrase>,
> > the syntax in the XML 1.0 REC is just an annoying inconvenience.  
> > </troll>
> > does not appear in XML 1.0, therefore XML has no data model whatever,
> > since the Infoset isn't one and doesn't claim to be.</countertroll>
> <fishing locus="bridge">
> Say rather that XML has no *unique authoritative* data model whatever,
> since the Infoset isn't one and doesn't claim to be.  But why should there
> be such a thing?  XML has many data models for different purposes.
> The Infoset provides a common terminology into which they can be translated.
> </fishing>

Fair enough. I like specs that are unique and authoritative because they
save endless argument ... So I say "no data model" rather than "many
models that claim to be data models." A saving of breath.

All this aside -- it is a truth universally acknowledged that most XML
processors are in need of a tree with a single root (SAX aside). If we
don't want to call that a data model, let's call it a paradigm. JITTs seek
to change that paradigm.

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