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Re: [xml-dev] strange feeling

From: Arjun Ray <aray@----.--->
To: xml-dev@-----.---.---
Date: 9/18/2002 10:01:00 PM
"Bullard, Claude L (Len)" <clbullar@i...> wrote:
| From: Arjun Ray [mailto:aray@n...]

|> Some time in 97, Tim disclosed that he had recently agreed to be on 
|> a consulting retainer to Netscape.  That got his name *off* the spec - 
|> well, you figure out why that happened.  And what deal got his name 
|> back on again ;-)
| I remember that fracas.  It was unfair to Tim in the extreme, 

And then some.  It was outrageous.

| I never sensed that Tim would steer things to Netscapes' advantage; my 
| guess is that he was there to talk some sense to them after the Paris 
| gaffes from MARCA et al.

My guess too.  Netscape were a year late to the XML party, and they needed

| My personal opinion was that MS won by being fast and NS lost by being 
| dense about what markup had to offer. 

NS certainly lost by dense, yes.

| I'm not sure the advantages of loose coupling in a hypermedia framework 
| were as obvious then as they are now. 

I don't know if it's obvious now.  XPointer in DTDs?  XSLT for schemas?
XQuery in XPath?  Why wait?  Download everything.dll now and get it over
with! ;-)


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