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From: james anderson <james.anderson@----.-->
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Date: 6/14/2002 4:45:00 PM
David Carlisle wrote:
> >  I note that the recommendation specifies a notion which is untenable.
> > ...
> > I do take issue with claims that this set does not exist.
> I suspect that the reason for not calling it a namespace is that you are
> supposed to think of it as multiple sets which are not distinguished in
> the syntax.

This conflates the behaviour of sets of names with that of the mechanisms which bind names to other things, like element and
attribute declarations.

> That is, if you have two documents that contain the element
> {}math then they are references to the
> same element in the same set (the mathml namespace)
> However if you have two documents referencing {}math then arguably they
> are not intended to be the same element, It may be that they are in
> different sets of elements but that the XML namespace syntax does not
> distinguish that (maybe the application does using other info, eg the doctype).



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