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Re: [xml-dev] RDDL (was RE: [xml-dev] Negotiate Out The Noise)

From: Tim Bray <tbray@----------.--->
To: Paul T <pault12@-------.--->,Jonathan Borden <jborden@--------.--->, xml-dev@-----.---.---
Date: 1/19/2002 12:17:00 AM
At 11:13 PM 17/01/02 -0800, Paul T wrote:

Heavens, I think Paul has single-handedly shattered the 
record for volume & intensity of flameage over a spec
relative to the volume of the spec itself.  Given that
the record was previously held jointly by several 
xml-dev contributors with respect to the Namespaces spec
spec, this is quite an achievement.

>Not that I have anything against 'let's be first to abuse
>namespaces URL' ( and you *already* started the abuse
>with hidden schema extension ) 
>1. The Process RDDL is developeing. "It is just a documentation,
>with a few URLs, no it has some proprietary hooks into schema
>parsers already

?? RDDL has no linkage to or preference for any schema dialect.

>Everywhere. Any W3C paper. Any technical solution
>out there has some *clear* problem that it tries to
>solve and the *problem* can be explained in simple
>What is the *clear* problem that RDDL is gonna solve?

People use namespaces to identify and disambiguate
elements and attributes.  
(a) How can I as a human being find out what the 
    namespace is all about?
(b) How can I go about discovering what {schemas, 
    stylesheets, java classes, DTDs, etc etc) are
    out there for this namespace.

That's all.  Nothing complicated.

RDDL isn't a complete solution to all aspects of this
problem.  It's trying to hit an 80/20 point.  Just like
HTTP.  -Tim


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