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RE: [xml-dev] URI for class names and native data types

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Date: 12/18/2001 1:30:00 PM
For Java purposes, why not use the javadoc URI?


That way you not only get something at the end of your 
namespace, but it's also versioned as well! :^)



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> Subject: [xml-dev] URI for class names and native data types
> I was wondering if there is a recognized URI for Java, Perl/CPAN, 
> Python, your-favorite-programming-language based  package, class 
> and type  names? A few of us were thinking something like...
>   type:language/language-specific-package-identifier
> For example...
>   type:java/java.lang.Integer
>   type:python/win32com.client
>   type:perl/Net::ftp
> With a URI mechanism such as this, one could use
> XML namespaces to encode information about various
> classes or label instance data.   If a URI mechanism
> for this doesn't exist, are there suggestions as to
> the format for such a monster?  I realize that 
> the above may not be valid URIs... 
> Kind Regards,
> Clark
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