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Re: xml tables

From: "Thomas B. Passin" <tpassin@----.--->
To: xml-dev@-----.---.---
Date: 4/5/2001 5:04:00 AM
The bulk of this work would be the getting of the data from the database in
smallish-sized chunks and just getting the one chunk you wanted at a time so
you can set up links to it.  Turning each chunk into xml wouldn't be hard
once you have the rest.  You'd probably want to use xslt to produce html (I
say html because you mentioned "rendering").

I can't tell if you want to produce xml from data that isn't in xml already,
or if you will be handed xml and want to render it.


Tom P

Bogdan asked -

> can someone share some examples of
> xml table data (retrieved from a database)
> rendering (view/print)?
> i'm interested in dividing large recordsets
> in numbered, linked chunks (like search
> engines do), defining a page and/or
> 'report' header and footer and doing some
> in-between and final calculations on
> selected columns.
> i would also like to link some column values
> with related reports and add general or
> contextual help links.


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