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Re: Standard way to express object, not resource, rels in XML?

From: Stefan Haustein <haustein@---.--.------------.-->
To: Mike Brown <mbrown@----.----.--->
Date: 8/21/2000 5:29:00 AM
Mike Brown wrote:
> (...) However, I am not interested in saying "doc1.xml is related
> to doc2.xml". Rather, I want to say "object foo1 (the thing doc1.xml's data
> describes) is related to object foo2 (the thing doc2.xml's data describes)".
> I do not want to refer to doc1.xml or doc2.xml at all when expressing this
> relationship; I want to refer to only the foo1 and foo2 identifiers.
> RDF seems to be concerned with metadata like this, but a cursory inspection
> of what RDF covers made it look like it, too, was more concerned with
> "resources" like documents. 

Did you already take a look at the SOAP serialization 
format (SOAP spec, chapter five,

If your data is object oriented, this may be an
approach more suitable than RDF. Since RDF is more 
property centric than object oriented,
mapping object definitions to an RDF schema
is a bit difficult. 



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