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Re: Various presentations

From: Matt Sergeant <matt@--------.--->
To: KenNorth <KenNorth@-----.---.--->
Date: 7/3/2000 12:16:00 AM
On Sun, 2 Jul 2000, KenNorth wrote:

> > I'll vouch for the "XML Schemas" one, which I had the fortune
> > to see presented at XMLDevCon.
> Unfortunately I missed that one because my session was scheduled at the same
> time. To add to the pain, Martin Sachs' presentation about trading partner
> agreements (tpaML) was also at the same time!
> Which schema spec to use (DSD, RELAX, W3C) will probably be decided by
> evolution and the support of tool vendors. We're ready for a conceptual
> modeling tool that can generate XML schemas, SQL DDL, and application
> classes.

>From reading your presentation slides Ken, I'm glad I won't be the one
defining where the line should be between putting things in the XML
schema, the DBMS schema and the application classes ;-)


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