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Re: Parse Error Not Thrown When Expected

From: John Cowan <jcowan@-------------.--->
To: Laura Neitzel <laura.neitzel@----.--->
Date: 5/16/2000 11:00:00 AM
Laura Neitzel wrote:
> The Xerces Validating SAX Parser is throwing a parse error in an unexpected
> place. Can someone tell me if this a bug or if this is how most parsers are
> intended to work?

There is no model for when validity errors are guaranteed to be fired.
A parser is free to fire them when it detects them, or even to save them
up to the end of the document and fire them all at once.  (Indeed, validity
errors like undefined ID *can't* be detected until the end.)

> The problem occurs when someone sends a document that violates the dtd rule.

I suggest switching from a SAX to a DOM model.  You can use my DOMParser
( to walk the DOM tree after it's generated.


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